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Breathing the right way can change Everything!

We breathe approx. 23000 times in a day. You would imagine that we would all do it perfectly. Unfortunately, not. Processed food, pressures of modern living, and how we juggle with multiple hurdles in our lives have altered our perfect breathing. Not many seem to be aware of how to breathe properly and how much to breathe. Simple breathing exercises incorporated in our daily lives can drastically change the equation of how we face challenges and still not “phase out”.

A few years ago, I accidently came across a unique breathing course. My son was recommended a nasal surgery and we were looking for some alternative therapy to avoid a surgery. So, I took him to a Buteyko teacher and we both enrolled in this breathing course. This course was a total eye-opener for us.

As a child I remember being anxious easily. It was not a surprise when I first started the course to find that my breathing pattern was dysfunctional. Notice a person who is going through emotional turbulence. You will find they breathe heavily, and they breathe far more than their metabolic requirement to breathe (Hyperventilating). Over-breathing can cause a narrowing of the airways, limiting your body’s ability to oxygenate your muscles and organs. It can constrict blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow to the heart. Breathing ineffectively can also make you gain weigh. It is also found that most over breathers may be breathing more from their mouths than their noses.

I could see a change in my ability to deal with stress once I could correct my heavy breathing. I ensured that I always breathe from the nose (even during sleep). I learnt and practised all the breathing exercises and was able to improve my health and energy levels drastically. I learnt how breathing functionally can help me to balance my blood ph levels, lower my stress levels and therefore even blood pressure ,relieve constipation, manage insomnia and correct so many other health issues. Learning to master one’s breath is literally life transforming both mentally and physically. This new journey into functional breathing led me to improve the quality of life not just for me but for my entire family too.

Learn how Breathing Properly and Efficiently with the help of a certified Breathwork coach and Resilience Trainer Karishma Desai. Enroll on her online breathing course and start transforming your life.




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