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At Breathe Your Vision, we offer online courses on breathing exercises for anxiety, stress, insomnia, and many more. Our online course guides you on the proper way of breathing to get the most out of breathwork. We also offer advanced courses that use scientifically resilience building tools, techniques, and breathing exercises that transform your well-being and help you become the best version of yourself.

About Karishma Desai

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Karishma is an Author, Lifestyle, Wellness Coach and Breathing expert, who is passionate about helping transformers to optimise their personal transformation journey so they can perform at their peak and avoid burnout. She is a certified Breathing Instructor, Resilience Advantage Trainer (Certified and Licensed HeartMathTM Trainer), Cognitive Coach, and a Meditation Trainer.

She believes in restoring Coherence in our inner and outer world. We can transform our outer lives by cultivating meaningful feelings of love, joy, appreciation, service, enthusiasm, compassion etc. Experiencing these core heart feelings enables us to instantly transform our wellbeing as we move away from chaos to Coherence, both, in our inner and outer lives. She offers a range of Resilience Building, Breathing and Wellness coaching courses to individuals and teams. Through her advanced courses she offers scientifically proven tools, breathing techniques and exercises to manage insomnia, reduce stress and anxiety, achieve peak performance, and build resilience to overcome everyday challenges.

As a Women’s Health and Wellness Coach she has a deep interest incorporating Women’s Breathing and enjoys helping women reach their true potential through a range of workshops aimed at increasing resilience, improving performance and better management of anxiety and stress.

Her Corporate Wellness programs aims at reducing the experience of burnout and increasing resilience for high performance. Proven Resilience building workshops, practical mindful breathing techniques/exercises along with calming relaxation sessions help employees and employers manage their stress and overcome overwhelm.
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Making changes is among the first things we do when taking responsibility for our actions, habits, and mindset. And when these changes are drastic and sudden, we tend to fail fast, especially if any attempt is aimless. However, if our attempts to change are all backed with a clear vision, it will be easier to see the changes we aim to achieve visibly. 

We may do everything to come closer to our vision, but really, the ultimate moment is when you become one with your vision—you breathe it! Through breathing exercises, along with breathing techniques and proven resilience building tools you can make positive changes in your life, no matter how challenging life may get. Learning functional breathing and self-care tools can transform your life holistically—your well-being, sleeping habits, energy, focus, calm, and productivity. 

Transform yourself into a better version of yourself. With Karishma as your Coach, you can be certain that you will be in good hands.

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