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Corporate Coaching

I am a Certified HeartmathTM Trainer, breathing instructor, coach and trainer, who works with individuals and organizations to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, improve performance and enhance decision making. I offer evidence-based strategies and techniques that have proven to be effective over time as documented in several research-based studies. I consult with corporations, government agencies, leaders, Women’s Groups and teams to help empower their work and purpose, and to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees. My workshops focus on transforming the vitality of the organization through innovative resilience-building tools and technologies.

About The Resilience Advantage™ – Skills for Personal and Professional Effectiveness

Strengthening staff resilience has become an important strategy for improving personal and organizational effectiveness, productivity, health and well‐being. The Resilience Advantage training program provides a practical framework of self‐regulation tools and resilience-building practices that dramatically help individuals gain more poise and clarity in the face of change and overwhelm. Improved composure facilitates clearer thinking and a stronger identity with organizational purpose and core values. An improved work culture builds upon and reinforces the strengths of employees, leading to increased productivity and innovation..



  • Increased situational awareness in relationships, meetings and projects
  • Enhanced ability to focus, process information and solve problems
  • Heightened creativity and innovation
  • Increased ability to handle challenging clients and situations
  • Increased access to intuition for fast, effective decision-making on complex issues
  • Increased regenerative sleep.
  • Increased vitality and resilience
  • Reduced stress, worry and fatigue

Program Content

► Optimal performance

► What is resilience?

► Depleting and renewing emotions

► The role of emotions in performance and health/our daily emotional landscape

► The physiology of coherence

► Heart rhythms

► Intelligent energy self-regulation techniques

► How different emotions affect heart rhythms

► Demonstration of the emWave® Pro technology

► How emotions drive brain activity into chaos or coherence

► The Freeze Frame® technique: a decision-making tool

► The impact of relational energetics

► Getting in sync

► Building resilience capacity

About Breathing Course

Learn basics of functional breathing and how it impacts your physical, mental, and emotional states. This course is for Individuals, organisations and groups who want to take charge of their best version by learning scientifically proven breathing techniques.


Program Content:

Learn Simple and practical breathing exercises for any of the below occasions: –

  • Before an important work meeting
  • To calm your stress or anxiety
  • To increase focus and attention
  • Preparation before public speaking or presentation
  • Dealing with unreasonable client or colleague
  • To get “In the Zone”
  • To sleep better
  • To experience total relaxation

And dealing with many such situations more effectively.

Special breathing courses for Women covers how female breathing patterns changes during the monthly cycles and how to breathe better during these times to reduce and manage symptoms.


Flexible Training Modes:

Course duration can be modified to suit the organisation needs and availability. Recommended duration is 3 X 1 hour’s group sessions spread out over 2 or 3 weeks.


Group size and pricing enquiry: –

Sessions are available for large groups. Minimum group size is 5 attendees. Please enquire about pricing via my email karishma@breatheyourvision.com

Or book my 15 mins free consultation call to discuss your requirements.

Increase Energy & Focus, Improve Resilience
Reach Your Full Potential

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